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The service hotline

After-sales Service

Pre-sale service:

According to the needs of customers, we will introduce the characteristics of various types of processing equipment in detail.

It can provide tests for all kinds of equipment to help users understand the processing performance of the equipment and the ability to adapt to the materials before purchasing.

As much as possible to provide you with the best configuration and economical applicability of equipment, recommend cost-effective equipment

Cooperate with customers to discuss the screw form and process conditions required for processing materials.


In-sale service:

According to the needs of various users, provide plant planning, design and reasonable engineering solutions for complete sets of equipment

Timely understanding of the user's project progress and the processing progress of our company's equipment, to achieve timely delivery


After sales service:

Provide 24-hour after-sales service line for users

Free guidance for installation, commissioning and training operations and maintenance personnel

Provide follow-up services when users process new products

Do a good job in stocking of spare parts for new and old products in order to serve in time

Use the advantages of computers to build customer profiles and access data in a timely manner

Regularly returning users and establishing a good communication platform

The Products

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