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China's high-quality granulator market share gradually expanded

Faced with severe energy and environmental challenges, the disposal and recycling of waste plastics is increasingly valued by countries around the world, and China is no exception. The waste plastics recycling industry has experienced raging developments of “reducing profits with increasingly scarce resources and environmental costs” for decades. Under the current high environmental protection pressure, the state has comprehensively cracked down on foreign garbage imports, and the implementation of plastic reduction operations is the general trend. Therefore, green recycling of waste plastics through plastic granulators is the way to sustainable development.


At present, policy support is a favorable guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulators, and the advantages of recycled plastic granulators make it sustainable, and the development prospects of the plastic granulator industry are considerable.


According to the granulator market survey report, the current German granulator industry ranks first in the world. Looking back at 2008, the total import volume of granulators in the world was 5.46 billion US dollars, of which Italy accounted for more than 20% of the world's total imports, and it is in a dominant position in the global granulator competition. Italy and Japan are ranked second and third.


In recent years, the development of granulators in the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea and other countries has also flourished. At present, the plastic granulators of Europe and the United States mainly focus on high-tech and high value-added models such as precision granulators and large granulators, and have strong competitiveness in the international market. For example, there are two large granulator manufacturers in the world, one in Japan and one in Germany, and the granulation products of Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. in Japan have a very high market share in the Chinese market.


Plastic granulator manufacturers have expanded their global market share


According to the analysis of the industry website research report, the international plastic granulator market development has shown a steady upward trend. At the same time, it is expected that the market of China's plastic granulators will show a good trend from 2018 to 2022. With the emergence of business opportunities in the granulator industry, countries have also actively expanded their market share on a global scale.


In recent years, Italian granulator leader Bruno Folcieri has named the innovative recycling program Bruno Folcieri Srl, the Bruno solution, offering new options for its many sales and service partners in the US and Canada. This innovative recycling solution also represents its entry into the North American market.


It is reported that Bruno Folcheri was founded in 1947 as a family business. Since the 1960s, he has developed a blade processing granulator and began to focus on the production of granulators. Its products include two granulation lines, one for the main line of medium and low-yield applications, and the other for high-yield top lines. High-volume production line systems are available in wet and dry versions for barrels, blocks, bottles, film, tape, pipes and profiles. In addition, the wet granulation unit in the series is mainly used for agricultural film, inkjet printing plastic materials, battery containers, PE and PET bottles.


According to the company, the granulators it produces are large and efficient, because of the high-quality applications that can do things that others can't do, especially when making wet particles. Product performance. The head of Bruno Folchery said that in the future, granulated products of all sizes will have a market.


According to the China Plastics Machinery Industry Yearbook, the localization rate of China's plastic machinery market is constantly improving. At present, the localization rate has reached 81%. The plastic machinery produced by domestic enterprises is occupying a major share in the domestic market, and the export volume of plastic machinery is also increasing year by year. And the import volume has dropped significantly in recent years. At the same time, the import and export deficit of plastic presses continued to shrink and a trade surplus appeared in 2012, and has since expanded. It is undeniable that China's plastic machinery production is gradually gaining more international market share.


After many years of plastic granulator production technology introduction and technological innovation, China's plastic machine industry in the field of granulators, the level of manufacturing has been similar to that of developed countries, coupled with the advantages of labor prices, making China's low-end granulation Machine exports account for half of the world market.


China's plastic granulator exports, Vietnam won the championship


In the first quarter of this year, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association announced the "Major Indicators for Enterprises above Designated Size of China's Plastics Machinery Industry from 2011 to 2017" and "Statistics of China's Plastic Machines Exported to the United States, Vietnam, India, Mexico, and Iran in 2017". Machine data.


According to the above two data, in 2017, China's plastic machine export categories are mainly divided into injection molding machines, other injection machines, plastic granulators, other extruders, extrusion blow molding machines, injection blow molding machines, other blow molding machines, Plastic hollow molding machines, plastic calendering machines, other vacuum molding machines and other thermoforming machines, 3D printers, other molding or molding machines in 12 categories.


Among the five major exporting countries, the number of 3D printers imported from China by the United States, Mexico and India ranks among the number of imported plastic presses. Iran is the champion of imported injection molding machines, while Vietnam is made of imported 11995 plastics. The grain machine won the championship.


It can be seen that in recent years, China's press industry has not only made great progress in the field of mid-end granulators, but also made important breakthroughs in the field of high-quality granulators. The market share of China's presses is expected to gradually expand.


According to industry experts, due to the rapid development of the global petrochemical industry, the demand for plastic granulators has increased rapidly, plastic granulators have become more and more large, and users have more requirements for mechanical stability and energy saving. The higher it is. Due to the increase in demand, the granulator will be difficult to supply in a short period of time and the delivery time will be extended. However, the continued development of the global plastics raw materials market will drive demand for granulation equipment.


In addition, since China has completely banned the import of waste plastics, plastic waste in Europe and the United States has been transferred to Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, and many Chinese waste plastics processing companies have also set up factories in Vietnam. At present, it is impossible to import waste plastics from abroad. It is divided into two steps, namely, granulating waste plastics in Vietnam and then transporting the particles back to China. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection in various countries, governments have also introduced corresponding policies, so green production is a long-term solution.


In short, on the road of development in the future, China's plastic granulator enterprises should take the industrial transformation and upgrading as the main line, adhere to the independent innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-quality development path, accelerate the cooperation of production, education and research, and develop and produce energy-efficient plastics. Granulator products contribute to China's energy conservation and emission reduction while improving the efficiency of enterprises.

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