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Company Culture

★ Honesty and Credit: Our honesty and credit is the foundation of the company. The quality of integrity is the basis for customer trust and social credibility. We will treat our customers, suppliers, work partners and the communities in a responsible and honest manner.

★ Dedicated to the country: We will work hard to create wealth for the country and enterprises, take the society, return to the society, actively participate in charity and public welfare, so that every employee is full of love and dedication. We are proud and glorious for our contribution to society.

★ People-oriented: We create a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees to ensure the health and safety of every employee. Respect the individual beliefs, personalities and hobbies of employees, respect the rights and obligations of employees, and be relaxed and harmonious, and healthy.

★ Company employees: All of our employees are valuable assets of the company and the key to the success of the company. The company will create a good environment for employees to communicate and participate. Give the group and individual the achievements in the work to be fully affirmed and rewarded, and provide employees with opportunities for learning, training, and equal development.

★ Pursuit of excellence: We set high standards of work requirements for ourselves, and strive for excellence with quality. We will consider our customers to provide products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We will make continuous improvement and innovation in all aspects, create core competitiveness and create obvious competitive advantages in light of the international advanced level and experience. 

★ Corporate Benefits: Our hard work is the driving force for us to achieve good returns and maximize profits, which will ensure the interests of shareholders and the sustainable development of enterprises. Innovation, continuous improvement, and being the best plastic machinery manufacturer in China and the world are the great ideals of all our colleagues.

★ Responsibility attitude: Regardless of being an individual or a group, we should have a serious, realistic and rigorous attitude. We are responsible for the work, behavior and results we do.

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